Notary Services

◊      Impartial Witness
◊      Administer Oaths
◊      Vet (Review) Identification (for Government Defense Contractors)
◊      Facilitate Loan Signings
◊      Services can be provided at:
                  ◊   Client's home; Personal Residence; Business Office; 
                       Bank; Hospitals; Nursing Homes; Assisted Living Facilities
                       Jail; Justice Center; Library; Dunkin Donuts; Panera Bread;
                       Truly Services can be provided just about anywhere.

◊  Reverse Mortgages
◊  Refinance Loans
◊  Modifications
◊  Consolidation, Extension,
    Modification Agreements (CEMA)
◊  Structured Settlements
◊  Lottery Winnings
◊  Health and Medical Forms
◊  I9- Employment Verification Forms 
    (As a company representative only)
◊  Safe Deposit Box Openings
◊  Construction Documents (including AIA Documents) 
4000+ loans signed. Experienced with structured settlements; VA; construction (AIA) documents; Certified Payrolls; reverse mortgages; CEMA Loans; power of attorney; medical; auto title transfers; and many other types of documents; witness of safe deposit box openings. I also handle administering an oath for depositions (depositions are not taken on Sundays).

Active Mentor for Notaries and Loan Signing Agents across the country.  Referred as a Mentor by many organizations including the National Notary Association (NNA).

I am a National Notary Association certified background-screened Notary signing agent, a Trusted Enrollment Agent; Instructor for an NY Notary Public Examination Preparation Class as well as a Notary Refresher Course for Notaries at a local community college and I carry E & O Insurance. 24-hour service is available. I am not an attorney, and as such, do not provide any legal advice.

Call for pricing, travel is figured by utilizing the Round Trip Total Mileage. Current travel pricing for 2018 is $150.00 for up to ten miles (round trip). Additional fees based on weekend and evening rates as well as additional miles will apply.

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